Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Capstone Consultants Promotes Another Assistant Manager in 2012

Capstone Consultants would like to congratulate Dane Hollar on his promotion to Assistant Management. Through his hard work and dedication the past few months with Capstone, he has crossed the line into management. He is a joy to have in the office and never fails in helping create a positive and energetic workplace environment. In the short time Dane has been with the company, March of last year to mark the date, he has been motivated and determined to get the job done. Dane has set records in the amount of time it took him to reach his promotion, and also through his performance in the office. He continues to look for ways to move forward and to help others around him in the process. He is the perfect example of what it takes to reach management, which is why it is no surprise to see him reach Assistant Manager so quickly. We are excited to have him as part of the management team, and look forward to him running one of our next offices.


Capstone Consultants is excited to start the year off right with special congratulations to Tyler Hefner on his promotion to Assistant Management. After a challenging journey, we are happy to see 2012 start with a well deserved, new manager on the team. Tyler consistently goes above and beyond to learn everything there is to know, and doesn’t stop there. He not only strives to a better student but is always seeking out ways to be a teacher to others. He has always performed as one of the top guys in the office and has a strong dedication to the others and their successes as well. We are ready to see all that Tyler will bring to table and are excited for his next promotion to Management as he will be opening the first new location in 2012.