Friday, June 19, 2015

Why Start a Career in Sales?

Capstone Consultants explores a common question asked by our entry level applicants. “Should I start my career in sales?”
Do you need to look any further than the executive list of our Fortune 500 Clients? No, as it turns out more than 60% of Fortune executives start their career in sales.
If you’re like most young adults, you’re concerned about starting your career in sales. Before making your decision, consider these reasons and don't let misconceptions about the profession cause you to overlook some fantastic opportunities that might actually make a job in sales the right career move. The Capstone Consultants team has come up with 5 benefits to start a career in sales:

1. Professional and Personal Development: The biggest reason executives come from sales is all the invaluable, life lessons sales will teach you. Some of these include; negotiating, persistence, persuasion, self-discipline, which are useful in both business and personal endeavors. Salespeople build their confidence from building relationships with customers, and the next step is usually management. Managing and training salespeople is something that every company needs help with, due to the limited amount of skilled workers here there is usually rapid advancement.
2. Autonomy: Who likes to be micro-managed? Who likes sitting at a cubicle? Often, sales offices offer less conventional working environments and scheduling flexibility. One of the largest draws most often is from people who appreciate the freedom and independence. If you think that you can hit or exceed goals independently then your schedule will not be the only thing benefiting. How about a big commission check.
3. Networking Opportunities: Sales reps typically have many conferences and opportunities to meet with executives or higher ranking officials earlier in their career due to the immediate impact they have on an organization. A sales agent cannot perform his or her job duties without interacting with other people, and each encounter should be considered a potential lead or opportunity to form a new business relationship.
4. Suits Any Skill Set: Regardless of a job seeker's college major, favorite hobbies, or professional background, there is likely a sales-related opportunity in just about any field of interest. Very simply, every company needs sales to profit and exist. If you can get more customers, there’s a good chance they will always have a promotion waiting for you. Even for those planning a career in something other than sales, holding a sales position can help them develop a strong foundation of experience within their chosen industry.
5. Un-Capped Paychecks and Advancement Opportunities: Any successful sales associate with the ability to generate revenue for a company is a valuable asset. In addition to their ability to increase earning potential by expanding sales territory, an aptitude for sales can lead to leadership and management opportunities. A successful career that starts in sales can lead to management roles such as sales supervisor or executive positions such as vice president of sales. In fact, many successful CEOs got their start in sales.

Whether you're poised for a career change or need employment during a transitional period, you have much to gain by taking on a sales job, and you never know where it may lead you. Take this list of professional perks into consideration and try looking at open sales positions during your next job search with a fresh perspective.