Friday, February 23, 2018

AT&T IoT Technology Enables Life-Changing Devices – Impacting Global Health

AT&T* will demonstrate the power of connected health devices at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 26-March 1. The scope and reach of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is evident in these devices.  In a recent survey1, consumers ranked personal health as the highest priority in their life that they most want technology to improve. Connected health can improve lives and enhance healthcare around the world.
An AT&T Global SIM card and AT&T Control Center enable these connected health devices.  With AT&T wireless connectivity, connected heath devices can lead to quicker diagnoses, make available expert care in remote areas and better management of medications.
Here’s what AT&T customers, WaveGuide, swyMed and Softbox say about their devices using AT&T connectivity:
Disease Monitoring
WaveGuide, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, developed a hand-held nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) platform technology.  According to WaveGuide:
  • The portable and battery operated devices can detect pathogens and infectious diseases like tuberculosis and various cancers like ovarian cancer in about 20 minutes. 
  • Testing is easy to administer and can be performed by remote/rural healthcare workers.
  • With only a small sample from the patient, the healthcare provider has results within minutes.
With AT&T connectivity, the results are sent back to WaveGuide for further analysis over our highly secure network. Around-the-clock data analytics mean WaveGuide can report outbreaks of disease to ministries of health worldwide. This can lead to a reduction in the spread of infectious disease. 
WaveGuide will begin conducting clinical trials in the USA and China shortly and expects to have U.S. and China regulatory approvals late 2018.
Connected Doctor
The DOT Telemedicine Backpack by swyMed brings the doctor to the patients – from almost anywhere. Lexington, Massachusetts-based swyMed developed this durable, portable telemedicine solution to “beam” the doctor to the patient via its patented video conferencing software.
The DOT Backpack has a powerful, enterprise-grade antenna. It includes a redundant modem and an 8-hour battery. This “doc on tap” solution uses the highly-secure and reliable AT&T network. Doctors can assess patients on-site in near real time. They can determine the appropriate hospital or trauma center before transport – saving crucial time. Life-saving treatment can be administered and patient status monitored during transit.   
The backpack and other swyMed mobile integrated healthcare solutions are currently used in the U.S., Europe (Eastern and Western), the Middle East and India.
Smart Medication
Softbox Systems, headquartered in the UK, provides specialist temperature control packaging to the pharmaceutical industry.  Softbox has been working with the AT&T IoT Foundry in Plano, Texas on a proof of concept (PoC) for a connected “smart” flask. This connected flask collects location and temperature data as well as usage details, helping to monitor and protect high value, temperature sensitive medication. The flask can also help patients follow prescribed usage, even when away from home or travelling abroad.
The smart flask is a Personal Medication Protection device.  It is made of advanced thermal material and is combined with IoT and sensor technologies.  The AT&T Foundry specialists have worked with the Softbox team to quickly develop a working prototype. The AT&T M2X and Flow platforms have enabled the rapid rendering of the mobile application and data reporting dashboard to support the PoC for market testing.
The AT&T Global SIM card enables connectivity for the smart flask in nearly 200 countries and territories globally.  A prototype mobile app is designed to allow patients or caregivers to remotely check the temperature, quantity and location of the medicine.  Prescription usage would be monitored – alerting clinicians to send refills. 
AT&T cellular connectivity also opens up other possible benefits of the smart flask.  Clinical researchers could carry out “site-less” trials using the collected data – increasing the likelihood of continued participation and positive outcomes.   
“With IoT technology, our customers are changing the way healthcare is administered” said Joe Mosele – vice president, IoT Solutions. “They’re bringing healthcare to places where it’s desperately needed. Connected technology is changing lives and, in many cases, saving lives.” 
To learn more about these life-changing devices and other connected health solutions, check out the AT&T booth #4D30 at Mobile World Congress.
To learn more about IoT’s potential to transform business, go to


Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Story to Inspire: Never Give Up On A Dream.

“Life’s not fair. It never was, isn’t now and won’t ever be.
Do not fall into the entitled trap of feeling like you’re a victim.
You are not.”
-Matthew McConaughey

When you have a dream, it is important to hold on to it no matter what anyone says. Nobody knows what you are capable of. Be confident and persistent and never be afraid of failure; for failure is a fundamental part of success. Today I am going to tell you the story of Sylvester Stallone, he is an inspiration and his story is a great lesson as to why you should never give up on a dream.

Have you ever wondered why he has such a ‘unique’ expression?
He was born paralyzed in the lower left part of his face. Not to mention his speech was
slurred. Death rattle for an acting career right?


When he came to New York City to be an actor, nobody wanted to hire him.
At one point, he went three weeks sleeping at the New Jersey bus terminal since he was so
broke. Things got so bad, he hat to sell his loyal companion, his dog to a stranger for $25.
It was his LOWEST point.

Then, one day, he got an idea for a screenplay while watching Muhammad Ali box.
He didn’t sleep the whole weekend, and banged out the script for Rocky in 3 days.
Eventually, he found producers who offered him, a man who was so broke he sold his dog,
$125,000 for the movie. But there was a catch, he couldn’t act in it.

He walked away.

Weeks later, they offered him $325,000; but he still said no.Eventually, they let him act in the
movie, but only paid $35,000. Out of the, he immediately spent $15,000 tracking down and
buying back his best friend, his dog. The dog is in the movie.

Rocky made $200 MILLION.

“It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get it
and keep moving on. That’s how winning is done”

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Going green: AT&T is buying a huge amount of wind power from farms in Texas, Oklahoma

AT&T announced Thursday that it's buying a giant amount of wind powerfrom farms in Texas and Oklahoma for the company to use in the years ahead.
The Dallas-based company is purchasing 520 megawatts of wind power from farms operated by subsidiaries of Florida-based NextEra Energy Resources. That's roughly equivalent in savings to taking 350,595 passenger vehicles off the road or providing electricity for a quarter million homes a year.
Some of the wind power will come from a farm in Caddo County, Oklahoma, and other parts of it will come from wind farms in Webb and Duval counties in Texas.
The purchase puts AT&T in the company of Google, T-Mobile and many other corporations that have stepped up their renewable energy use as a way to promote sustainability and in some cases, reduce cost.  AT&T is signing on to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles, a coalition of large companies advocating for renewable energy. The group is led by the World Wildlife Fund, a global conservation organization.
In a news release, Marty Spitzer, World Wildlife Fund's senior director of renewable energy and climate said large companies are driving demand for clean energy. He said AT&T is "joining the ranks of companies for whom renewable energy is the new normal." 
One of AT&T's wireless competitors, T-Mobile, recently announced it is funding its second wind farm project.  It's pledged to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2021. In a news release, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the move benefits the environment and the company's finances. He said T-Mobile's energy costs will drop by around $100 million over the next 15 years.
Amazon has a wind farm in Texas that's between Abilene and Lubbock in Scurry County.  The company hired Chicago-based Lincoln Clean Energy to build and operate the wind farm. Amazon will purchase about 90 percent of the power generated by the wind farm to offset the energy used by its data centers. Apple funded construction of a wind farm in Oregon, in a step toward its goal to power all of the company's global facilities with renewable energy. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Leadership Fundamentals

Ten Fundamentals of Personal Leadership
            1. Take Ownership
Don’t make excuses and don’t blame others. Take personal responsibility for your life.
Own your mistakes, rise above obstacles, and don’t avoid the truth.
Face it head on. Ultimately, it’s your life. YOUR PATH TO WALK.

2. Be Mindful
Sit with life. Be in the moment. Stop trying to control everything. Just calmly exist.
Surf the highs and lows. There is nothing to judge, only things to notice.
Learn to be fully present for yourself, for others, for life itself. Keep it about the here and now.
That’s what matters.

3. Speak Your Truth
You have but one life, live it honest to who you are. Honor the voice within.
BE YOU. Get clear on what that looks like. Identify your priorities.
Clarify your message to the world.
Get comfortable in your skin, all of it, the good and not-so-good. Then let your voice be heard.

4. Find Your Passion
If you don’t have a compelling reason to move forward, you'll stay the same.
It’s human nature. Find the spark that will inspire you to take action. Passion is fuel.
Find your fuel. Find the compelling “WHY” that will break down walls and open doors.

5. Live In The Solution
Don’t like the results you’re getting? Start over.
Craving new life experience? Dive in the deep end.
Got big dreams to chase? Lock in your plan. Every detail.
Feeling trapped? Buy a sledgehammer. Get creative. Take risks.
Life is a sandbox. Jump in and start exploring!

6. Make Things Happen
On one side are all the things you want and need.
On the other, everything that stands in your way What will happen? That is up to you.
Are you willing to learn new skills? Find needed resources? Connect with the right people?
Hard work + ingenuity = SUCCESS

7. Meaningfully Connect
Surrender your armor and let the world in. Bring down your walls.
Connect with people. Connect with life. Connect with your career.
Cherish the experience of being alive; every moment, every nuance.
Embrace the ebb and flow. Protect less. Let go more.

8. Remain Disciplined
As the saying goes, the road is paved with good intentions.
If you want results, you’ll have to stay focused and follow-through.
Habits that help you do that are an absolute must.
Build your tool chest, fill it with good habits, then use them daily.

9. Stop Being Polite
Being civil is important, being polite is a waste of time. SPEAK UP.
Say what’s on your mind. Don’t avoid the elephant, confront it!
Life is too short to waste in the land of miserable but well behaved.

10. Make A Difference

If it’s only about you, life will have little meaning.
Giving back, living from a place of generosity, will change your life forever.
People will forget what you accomplish, but they never forget how you touched their lives.
Open your heart. Lend a hand. Give back.